10 Tips to Selling Your Home for More than Your Neighbors!


1. Positive Mindset
Understand that selling your home is a detailed process with many steps along the way. There will be ups and downs to deal with. Maintaining a positive outlook towards the end result will not only benefit you, but all others involved in the transaction as well, including the ultimate buyer.

2. Prepare Your Home to Sell
Prepare your home to sell by considering: decluttering, moving items to off-site storage, new paint, needed repairs, and/or home staging. In today’s market first impressions matter both online and in person! Often, if we don’t impress on-line then we lost our chance to impress in person!

3. Know the Local Real Estate Trends
As the saying goes “All real estate is local!” Know your neighborhood comps for sold, under contract, active, and expired listings. Including days on market, months of inventory, and the direction the market is heading (i.e. market trends). Click her for more information on your homes value or the market trends in your area. Home Value | Market Trends

4. Market Unlike Anyone Else
9 out of 10 home buyers use the internet! Research and subscribe to all online listing options. Remember 1st impressions matter- so put your best foot forward! Once your home is prepared to sell and is in picture perfect condition, bring in the photographer and videographer. Aerial & twilight photos catch the most attention. A quality virtual tour helps with buyer clicks and often weeds out uninterested buyers. Research what other listings are doing…and do more! Stand out!

5. Set the Right Price
There are three factors to consider in selling your home: location, condition, and price and they’re all related. Fine tune your price by taking all three of these variables into account. Buyers will make a comparison with other sold properties in your area (i.e Comps). Homes that are not competitively priced, typically do not get shown. Homes that don’t get shown, typically do not sell! Click her for a list of the sold, under contract and active properties in your neighborhood. Home Value & Comps

6. Create a Pressure Tank of Buyers
The more buyers you have interested in your property at any given moment in time the better. The best time to create this pressure tank of buyer demand and interest is when you first list your property. You can achieve this by following all of the previously outlined tips and making your home available to show as much as possible. Including holding an Open House!

7. Let Buyers Sell Themselves
Now that you’ve created a pressure tank of buyers- they will be part of an environment where they see a well prepared home, at a competitive price, with other buyer interest. Now that an ideal situation where buyers begin to sell themselves on your home. They must act promptly or their opportunity will be lost to someone else.

8. Follow Up Properly
Promptly follow up with each and every interested buyer whether they’ve seen your home or not. Answer all questions, provided requested disclosures, resolve any hurdles, and try to facilitate as many offers to purchase as possible. Keep a positive mindset as you are follow up!

9. Be Confident and Keep Informed
Be confident in knowing that you covered all the steps and prepared yourself and your home for this journey. Keep yourself informed on local market trends along with any new neighborhood sales and/or listings. Know your competitive position in your specific neighborhood marketplace. If necessary, make pricing changes quickly to keep your competitive position.

10. Hire the Russ Pence Team
If you hire us we will do all of the above plus so much more! Our business is 100% focused on helping and being of service to homeowners like yourself. We have a proven home selling system that we follow and is designed to maximize your net proceeds after the sale of your home, whether your sell it by yourself or hire us. To learn more click here. Why our Clients List with Us!

Ready to list your home or just need help with pricing it correctly? The Russ Pence Team at RE/MAX Alliance DTC can help you price it right and get it sold! You can call, text, or email Russ Pence anytime.


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